Can a Public Adjuster Really Obtain Higher Compensation for a Property Damage Claim?

Whenever you make a residential or commercial property damage claim with the insurance company, it will be very beneficial to you if you hire the service of an experienced and state licensed Public Adjuster. Generally, the tendency of the insurers will be to make the policy holder agree to a lower amount against your property damage claim. Even if the claim is of a serious nature such as; fire, severe storm or flood, most insurance companies will try their best to reduce the amount of compensation for the benefit of the insurance company. In many cases, the person who makes the property damage claim may not have a clear idea of the amount they should be compensated, and in most of the cases there may not be an immediate precedent. In such situations, a Public Adjuster can effectively represent you in front of the insurers and correctly argue for you based on the terms of the policy, state laws and regulations. The Public Adjuster works aggressively and will always try to obtain the maximum possible settlement of your property damage claim. The Public Adjuster will determine the exact amount that you deserve as compensation. In case the insurance company tries to settle your claim partially and refuses to provide complete restoration of the property, the Public Adjuster will negotiate and ensure that the property is restored to its original condition.

Compensated by the policy holder

Typically, the policy holder will pay the Public Adjuster company 15 – 30% of the final settlement amount. The Public Adjuster always tries to protect the interests of the policy holder. It is also in the interest of the Public Adjuster to get the maximum possible settlement amount since the policy holder pays the Public Adjuster based on compensation he receives from the insurance company. The role of the Public Adjuster is like an attorney and they will try their best to enable the policy holder to obtain the maximum amount as compensation as per law, as well as the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. Hiring a Public Adjuster is the best way for the policy holder to obtain the exact amount as compensation which they truly deserve as per terms and conditions of the insurance policy.

Save your time and streamline your claim

As the policy holder, you may have constraints due to your inexperience as well as lack of time. The insurers and claim adjusters may try to convince you and make you agree for a lesser amount as compensation against your property damage claim. The Public Adjuster will put forth your case effectively and will not agree for a reduced amount for settlement of your claim. He will also represent you at meetings, and via telephone calls and email correspondence from the insurers. Furthermore, he will take care of all the documentation pertaining to your property damage claim. By hiring a Public Adjuster, you will be able to look after your daily activities without any disturbance and at the same time you can get the maximum amount as compensation from the insurance company.

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