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Theft and Vandalism Claims Philadelphia

Theft and Vandalism Claims Philadelphia

Theft and Vandalism


Need to file theft and vandalism claims ?


When a theft or vandalism occurs, most are substantiated and supported by official police reports. These reports are used by insurance companies to verify an event happened. It is extremely important that a police report be filed in the instance of a theft or vandalism to your property. The homeowner should make sure the police report is accurate and that the report of items being claimed is documented and correct.


Should any additional items be discovered later, the homeowner should update the police report and tell the insurance company that a supplemental police report has been filed.


Most insurance policies are very specific about vandalism and theft related damage. In many instances, they may occur during a single incident. However, different coverage, limitations or exclusions may apply to specific areas of damage. Theft and vandalism claims may involve both structural and personal property damage.


Proper documentation of your home and personal property is very important when filing theft and vandalism claims. Especially, if the incident is involving theft of personal property. The insurance company will require the policyholder to provide all relevant information regarding the personal item or items that were stolen.


This information may be a receipt, invoice, photograph, or any other relevant document that is showing the existence of the stolen item and its value.

Typically, after your insurance company receives notice of a theft and vandalism claim, they may ask you some of the following questions:


• Did a theft and vandalism actually occur?
• Is there a police report?
• Did the policyholder own the items being claimed stolen?
• Can proof be provided?
• What is the value of the items being claimed?
• Was there any related property damage such as broken windows or doors


Public adjusters are claims adjusters hired by commercial and residential owners to represent them in their involvement with their insurance provider. Our main goal is to get you paid every dollar you are owed under your current insurance policy. There is no upfront cost to use our services. We work on a contingency basis only and our fees are based solely on a percentage of the claim payments we obtain from your insurance company.


Therefore, we are motivated to bring you the maximum settlement amount possible under your policy in the fastest amount of time. However, it’s extremely important to contact us when the theft and/or vandalism occurs so we can properly evaluate and start the insurance claim process.

Why Trust Us to Handle Your Theft and Vandalism Claims?

  • We are experts at theft and vandalism claims.
  • Our livelihood depends on you being satisfied 100% with your theft and vandalism claims.
  • We will get you the maximum settlement possible for your theft and vandalism claims.
  • theft and vandalism claims Philadelphia, Pa - Best Service LogoWe’ve helped thousands of clients because we are the best at what we do.
  • We have more than 150 years of combined experience.
  • Our public adjusters are licensed and bonded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
  • We understand all aspects of the tedious theft and vandalism claims process.
  • Our public adjusters engage in continuous education and training.
  • All of our public adjusters pass background checks and work under our strict moral codes.
  • We are members of various local and national public adjuster associations.

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