Top 5 tips to Get Your Home Ready for Winter Weather

As winter weather approaches us, there are many things you can do as a homeowner to make sure your family stays warm and safe this winter. Here are 5 TOP TIPS that will have your home ready to take on old man winter.

Protect your Indoor and Outdoor Pipes

  • Drain water from any outdoor faucets or pipes
  • Cover outdoor faucets with foam insulators
  • Store outdoor hoses

Check Your Heater

Insulate Your Attic

  • Remove old insulation
  • Air seal your attic
  • Keep your insulation fluffy

Seal Windows and Doors

  • Caulk gaps around windows
  • Install weather stripping
  • Upgrade windows to double or triple pane

Clean your Gutters

  • Clean clogged gutters to prevent ice dams
  • Trim your trees
  • Install gutter heat tape