Toilet Overflow and Water Damage Prevention

An toilet overflow can cause water damage to your home or business with the potential for damages to be in the thousands. Approximately, 30% of all toilet problems start with a clogged toilet.

Here are some tips to help you prevent a toilet overflow in your home.

  • Do not flush the toilet multiple times. This action may worsen the problem significantly.
  • Use a quality plunger, not a mini or cheap plunger.
  • Check the float, if you think it may be a clogged toilet, adjust the float to make sure that it is not an adjustment that is required.
  • If the water is actively overflowing, turn off the water immediately.
  • Check for a Faulty Flapper. Your toilet’s flapper is a plastic or rubber cap that keeps water in your tank. Over time, your flapper can become brittle and create a faulty seal.
  • Check the chain. Make sure the chain connected to your flapper is not catching on anything.

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