Keep Your Shingles on the Roof!

It’s the time of year again when you can expect frequent thunderstorms and high winds. High winds cannot only affect siding on a house but can also affect the shingles on a roof. But there are a few ways to help you keep shingles on your  roof.

Some tips that can be completed to help prevent shingles from blowing off your roof are :

Repair & Replace

One helpful tip is to know when it is time to replace or repair the shingles. Homeowners should keep an eye out for evidence of damage. This includes: edges curling up and missing or worn granules on the shingles. If these are seen on the roof, then it is time to repair the roof. It should also be noted that if the roof needs to be replaced it should be replaced entirely.

Wind Rating

Another useful tip to know is the wind rating of the shingle. The wind rating is the force of a wind gust that the shingle would be able to handle before blowing off of the roof. This is important in areas that see high wind speeds. To know which shingle rating is needed it is important to research the average wind speed in the geographic region.

Repair Timing

The final tip to help prevent shingles from blowing off is to know what time of year to repair or replace the roof. The weather during the time of repair can affect the condition and lifespan of the roof. Therefore, it is highly recommended that a roof should be repaired or replaced during the summer months. This is because the temperatures are high and can help the shingles tar strips properly seal and create a strong bond.

Other Tips

Some other useful tips to keep in mind for roof stability are that shingles on roof edges should be sealed with roofing cement. This would help prevent wind from getting under the edges and blowing the shingles off. Another tip is to seal the decking where it meets the roof rafters. This prevents wind from passing under the decking. If a house is in an area that experiences hurricanes it would be a good idea to invest in hurricane clips. These clips secure the roof to the walls of the house to prevent the roof from coming off all together.

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