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For Added Security, Try Aluminum Doors and Windows

Security of your home is obviously important and when deciding which windows and doors to install in your home, you must keep that in mind. There are many different materials to choose from and so understanding how secure they are is very important. Aluminum is one of the most secure materials for doors and windows today.

Aluminum Material

Aluminum is an abundant, lightweight, with a naturally low maintenance level that is made to last. Aluminum is incredibly strong and durable, making it ideal for framing windows and doors. Due to its structural integrity it can help with innovative solutions for all architectural styles and can be manufactured into some of the slimmest frames on the market. The combination of aluminum and a sophisticated locking system will make your home secure for many years to come.

Locking Systems

Some aluminum manufacturers of doors and windows come with state-of-the-art locking systems as standard. Another option is electronic locks, these locks allow you to secure them using a remote control or via a wall-mounted button that can automatically keep them locked whenever they are fully closed.


When purchasing aluminum doors or windows, there is various accreditation processes to take note of such as the European standard EN1627-1630, which subjects the window or door to a variety of tests to simulate a break-in.

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