Backyard Dangers to Avoid this Summer

Backyard Dangers to Avoid this Summer

Enjoying your backyard and the fresh air, especially in these times, is a pleasurable way to spend time alone or with friends or family. Unfortunately, accidents do happen and can ruin your backyard fun. A list of common backyard dangers to avoid is listed below, some are obvious but others you may not be aware of.

Using strong pesticides is a danger to yourself, family or even your neighbors. Certain chemicals can poison the air in the backyard and property for days and can transfer off on kids and even pets. Children are more susceptible than adults to the effect of pesticides because their weaker immune system.

Garden Tools
After exhausting backyard work, you might forget to pick up your tools and secure them. You don’t want someone to slip on a tool and get injured, this can easily happen since tools sometimes are hard to spot in the grass. Make sure to remove backyard tools and put them away after you finish using them.

Large Umbrella
Having a large umbrella in your backyard may not seem like a big deal, but it can be blown off balance by a gust of wind, causing havoc in your backyard. To avoid injuries, reinforce it with a patio umbrella weight, a cantilever umbrella base or even an umbrella sand bag.

Check for ticks on your skin regularly after anytime spent in your backyard, as well as for bull’s eye rashes as ticks can cause Lyme disease. To help prevent ticks from hanging out in your backyard, keep the grass and weeds trimmed.

Backyard Fires
Grills, fire pits, and patio heaters are common dangers in your backyard. To keep your backyard parties and get-togethers safe from activities that involve fire, follow these backyard fire safety tips. Don’t let fire foil the fun.

Swimming Pool
Don’t forget pool safety, besides the danger of drowning, pay attention to pool electrical safety. Chemical poisoning is also a risk, make sure you don’t use too much chemicals in the pool.

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