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Types of Insurance Claims We Handle

We have over 150 years experience with many types of insurance claims

When you have any type of damage to your home or business, make sure you contact a licensed and experienced claims adjuster from American Claims Ensurance before you contact your insurance company. An incorrect or incomplete reply to an insurance company’s questions could unfairly reduce the amount of your settlement or even result in an insurance claim denial. Let our claims adjusters handle the insurance claim process from start to finish.

Insurance Claim Types - American Claims Ensurance LogoA home insurance claim is your right as a property owner. Sometimes, insurance companies will offer you a low initial value for your insurance claim, sometimes they will reject the claim. Property insurance claims should always be detailed and thoroughly documented by a claims adjuster to ensure the insurance company approves them. At American Claims Ensurance, we do this hard work for you, the insured.

Types of Insurance Claims 

No matter what type of insurance claim you need help with, American Claims Ensurance is here for you 24 hours 7 days a week. If you experience sudden property damage, our team of professional public adjusters and claims insurance professionals are here to protect you while you protect your family or business. We are your partner, we thoroughly manage  your insurance claim from start to settlement.

Physical damage can trigger additional business losses, That’s why we also help business owners.

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