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Submitting a Claim to Our Claims Adjuster

When you have damage to your house or business, make sure you contact a licensed claims adjuster from American Claims Ensurance before you contact your insurance company. An incorrect or incomplete reply to an insurance company’s questions could unfairly reduce the amount of your settlement or even result in a claim denial. Let our claims adjusters handle the claim process from start to finish.

Expert Claims Adjuster - LogoA home insurance claim is your right as a property owner. Sometimes, insurance companies will offer you a low initial value for your insurance claim, sometimes they will reject the claim. Property insurance claims should always be detailed and thoroughly documented by a claims adjuster to ensure the insurance company approves them. At American Claims Ensurance, we do this hard work for you, the insured.

Types of Losses We Can Help With

American Claims Ensurance fully understands the insurance policy / insurance industry and knows how much you are entitled to. Here are the types of claims / losses we can help you with for your home or business property.

Filing a new consumer or business insurance claim and documenting your losses can be a lengthy process. Our claims adjusters, property loss consultants will assist you through every aspect of the claims settlement process, including preparing, documenting, and filing your claim. We offer our expertise in delivering precise damage and loss valuation, as well as a range of adjusting and legal services for home and business insurance claims.

Pending Claims

When your claim is pending and your insurer gives you an offer that inadequately covers your losses, American Claims Ensurance can take over and deal directly with the insurance company. We help home and business owners navigate the complicated process of filing insurance claims. Our dedicated claims adjusting staff will examine every aspect of the claim.

Reopen File or Supplement Claim

Even though your initial claim was settled, you could still be entitled to additional benefits. Insurance companies sometimes fail to properly determine the extent of property losses, rendering a claim that is lower in value. During this process, you will need the expertise of our team.

Rejected Claim

Insurance companies routinely reject insurance claims. Having your insurance claim denied is not the end of the world. However, should you experience an underpaid claim or claim denial, you can rely on our accurate appraising and adjusting services. Our claims adjusters will take the burden out of preparing and documenting a claim and obtaining the maximum settlement for your loss.

Physical damage can trigger additional business losses, That’s why we also help business owners.

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